Hi, i'm Luis
I design products.

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Industrial Designer

I am an industrial designer and MA student living in southern Germany. Shortly after my Abitur, I began my bachelor studies at the university of applied sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd. I completed my degree 2017. In 2018, I returned to do the master program in Strategic Design. I will complete my thesis and studies in July 2019.

Projects in Industrial or
Strategic Design

My Work in the area of generative and parametric design.

Samples of my Visuals, Renderings, Sketches, etc.

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About Me

For me, the work of an industrial designer is the perfect mix of creativity and realistic, thorough development effort. It is as important for me to design a functional, well thought through product for users, as it is to guarantee optic, haptic and ergonomic quality. I was already able to get work experience during my internships – 6 monts at nizeone and 3 months at dreiformstudio in Munich. Teamwork was – and still is – as important for me at work as an excellent environment. I am also working as a freelancer at the moment
With my studies in Strategic Design, I want to take a more comprehensive perspective for design issues. My goal is to tackle problems interdisciplinary and with vision. I also use the time to deal with theoretical design questions.










Cinema 4D

After Effects


Sketchbook Pro

MS Office